quinta-feira, 11 de julho de 2013

WoGE #388

Thursday, 11 July, 8:00 a.m. (GMT + 0:00)

Well, after 50+ unsuccessful attempts, 2 in a row:)

After considering astronomical observation sites (which proved wrong) I looked around, in volcanic areas, and had some luck in finding the (Patagonian) Auca Mahuida and its oil fields.

For this new challenge you should find out where is, their geology and, in this case, another important detail (but not decisive for the win).

Here it is:

No Schott's Rule this time!

Rules, tips and previous WoGEs are collected by Felix on his blog and a KML file is available with all WoGEs.

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  1. Umm...
    I don't know how to say this, but I was reading up on the geology of this area a couple of weeks ago with the thought of using it for a WoGE. Not this exact location, but near enough.

    So I'll give myself a 4 day quarantine. If noone has found it during the weekend, I'll post the answer on Monday, 08:00 GMT.

  2. Since you know every place on Earth, next time I'll post one WoGM - Where on Google MARS! ;)

  3. I’ve come across this general area with its nice alluvial fans several times when looking for various WoGEs. Still it took some time to find this specific spot.

    45°53'N 81°35'E, lake Alaköl in Kazakhstan

    It is a salty lake with a rich wetland ecosystem (some rare species) and also becoming popular for people with skin diseases (according to a travel guide book I’ve come across). I found no specific (e.g. geologic) explanation for its saltiness, so I assume it is just because of the endorheic situation, similar to neighboring lake Balkhash.

    To the southeast, the *Dzungarian Gate, mountain pass in the Altau mountains, connects the valley to China.

    The area has a rather low elevation of about 350m asl, whereas the mountains reach to 4000m. They are separated by a NW-SE-trending dextral fault, which is nicely visible in the SW part of the picture, esp. if you zoom out. The faulting is a result of the India-Asia collision, which formed the Himalaya, Tien Shan, etc. mountain ranges.

    Also, the area is investigated for oil production.

  4. Another fact: one candidate for the Eurasian pole of inaccessibility is rather close.

  5. That's it!
    The fault and the PIA were the main reasons of my choice! The alluvial fan was the reason to pick that spot and not other a few km NW or SE.

    Florian, the WoGE torch is yours!

  6. For once, I'm happy that someone beat me to it. :)

  7. I’ll be away from Thursday until Tuesday. I am not sure if I’ll manage to find a new WoGE before that. (Most probably not.) So there should be time for everybody to catch up and relax. ;-)

    In the meantime, Ole could deepen our understanding of the geology of this area…

  8. A week without a WOGE, how can we survive that?

  9. I could post a few "non-WoGEs" before I go on vacation - places with interesting features which aren't really right for a WoGE, or where I don't relly understand what's going on.

    Or maybe post some where the question is WHAT, not WHERE?

    By the way, I think I have an explanation for the spirals. :D

  10. If you all prefer I can make a "Bonus WoGE" - just to keep the game going until Florian prepare his #389. I have a spot ready!

  11. I think a "388b, no prize for winning" would be a good idea. :)

  12. The impatient Youth of Today™! I had my WoGE ready on Tuesday, just to realise that Luis is wasting his precious images even two at a time. ;-)

    To avoid forking and confusion, I’ll hold my new WoGE until Luis’ puzzle is solved.

  13. Florian: I would prefer if you would publish your official puzzle, and we find Luis's 2 pictures in our spare time. Since 2 weeks there is no official WOGE, I have the feeling this is a long time.

  14. I couldn't agree more with Felix ... Florian, bring that #389!

  15. Ok! WoGE 389 will appear on my blog at 11:00 CEST.