terça-feira, 1 de outubro de 2013

WOGE #404

After a (big) help from Google I manage to find the "Complejo Minero Fabril de Sierra Pintada", an uranium mine near San Rafael, Argentina, Ole's challenge!

Well, #404 now!

For this new challenge you should find out where is and some of its geology.

No Schott's Rule this time!

This one should be easy if you're a "special kind of geologist" ;)

Rules, tips and previous WoGEs are collected by Felix on his blog and a KML file is available with all WoGEs.

Two interesting things that I realize after picked this spot:
  • The lighter area (in the left) look like the southwestern part of Portugal :)
  • For now, is a 404 - Not found :)

Update 2013.10.12-21.30 (GMT):

My decision is ... both!

  • The broader view:

  •  And some numbers that could help with the geology after you find it!

15          24

Well ... you could use them now ... if you can guess what they mean (none is lat. or long.).

If, at 2013.10.17-00.00 (GMT), this #404 is still active, I publish a (even) broader view and a new (and decisive) number!

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  1. Yep! There are no easy findable structures on the picture. And not many clues.

    One could think, that the we are on the southern hemisphere. We do have some minor N-S trending ridges and the white stuff looks kind of salt to me. So I started looking in the back areas of the Andes.

    1. Ok, with the new picture, we have areas with northern sun and areas with southern sun, so we are somewhere in the middle.

    2. Muito Obrigado, so I think I do not longer keep up my thoughts about shadows in this picture

  2. Searching geological maps didn't help much here!

    26° 58' N, 65° 31' E - just about.

    The epicenter of the mag. 7.7 earthquake in Pakistan, Sept. 24th. Depth is reported as 15km and 20km in different reports.

    I was stuck on the Makran Accretionary Wedge for a long time, until I realised that this could be the quake that seems to have caused a new island to rise off the coast. Or maybe that was a coincidence.


  3. Congratulations Ole!! Not an easy one as we had not much structure and the color in larger scales is another one. I've been in the area on sunday, but I overlooked it somehow.

  4. I searched around a bit, and then went away for an extended weekend. Today I had a little time between meetings, and decided it had to be in Balochistan due to the direction of the mountains and the unusual flood-water dams. Then it was just a matter of searhing the areas with the right direction until it popped up - and then find what the cryptic numbers referred to. ;)

    New WoGE will be up tomorrow (Tuesday).

  5. And there goes another one, Ole! :)

    The rise (seismic related or not) of Zalzala Jazeera was my geologic moment of the week. I thought a(nother) sea WOGE, but, after seeing the epicenter location, I've decide for an arid and sparsely populated challenge!
    By the way ... I choosed the number "15" over the "20" because USGS is my primary source for seismic events (I use eQuake alert!)

  6. USGS was down when I tried to open it, due to certain political problems in the USA. ;)

    New WoGE is here: http://overburdenblog.blogspot.no/2013/10/where-on-google-earth-405.html