sexta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2016


Ole's Sea Way was a nice spot and I take advantage of a blue hint to narrow the region, although I spent a lot of time in the nearby Japan!

Now: no houses, no blue roofs, (almost) no vegetation, ... nothing, except good old rocks!

As usual, your goal is to find out the exact location and the geology of this place and, if you are the first, you can have the honor of presenting the next WoGE.

Rules, tips and previous WoGEs are collected by Felix on his blog and a KML file (for Google Earth) is available with all WoGEs.

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  1. "good old rocks"

    What's old rocks to you? I can safely say that these rocks aren't Phanerozoic ...

  2. I can see that there are old rocks here, and what's more they are weathered old rocks. But that still doesn't help...

    1. And if I tell you what rock is, it helps? Well ... is not worse is it?

  3. I think the sun position implies a location in the southern hemisphere(?) The climate seems dry. A spatial join narrows it down to about ten countries, the largest being Paraguay, Uruguay, Angola and Mozambique... Southernmost countries are Lesotho and Swaziland.

  4. Hmmm. This was a puzzler. I have it, but I need to get to a PC version of GE to post a reply so I will give it another day or two to see if someone else finds it, too. It would be nice to have someone new in our small group!

  5. I've located it as well, but will defer to Ole or any new participant.

  6. And the winner is ... ?
    who's the next?
    Make up your call ...

  7. 19°48'30" S, 33° 05'07" E
    Near Monte Binga on the border between Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The point is somewhere in the Chimanimani transfrontier park, in Manic province.

    A very hard pale grey precambrian quartzite underlies all of the Chimanimani Plateau, giving it a desolate rocky appearance. There seems to be a thrust here, which has caused the "syncline" on the Zimbabwean side? I haven't had much success finding good general information about this area, most of what I have found is either microdetail or Gondwanaland-wide....

  8. Yep ... that's it! :)
    The first thing that attracted me to this spot was the contrast between the grey and the green; then the quartzite that remind me of my childhood in my father's hometown; and finally, the fact that´s the highest point in Mozambique (and the 2nd in Zimbabwe) - a former Portuguese colony, Ole ;)

    And now Ole, something less desolate ... ?

  9. aaarrrrggghhhh i was so close on my first WOGE in a very long time although i had needed the above country clues so victory would have been a little hollow! congratulations

  10. Something less desolate is up: