quarta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2015


Matthew's WoGE was, I confess, a geographical rather than a geological one. Nothing in the picture pointed to volcanic features, but hey ... all that green and that lake shoreline made me search Africa until I "stumble" upon Nyiragongo.

WoGE #505 is a little less humid but, has other virtues ...

As usual, your goal is to find out the exact location and the geology of this place and, if you are the first, you can have the honor of presenting the next WoGE.
This time I'm calling Schott's Rule! -> Publish time: 2015-09-02/14:14 (GMT+1)

It's not a much bigger scale ... but hey ... baby steps! ;)

 Rules, tips and previous WoGEs are collected by Felix on his blog and a KML file is available with all WoGEs.

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  1. 2 weeks ...
    which kind of hint do you want? a bigger/smaller area, something geological/geographical? ...

  2. I'd say a bigger scale image - it's hard to find clues when the image covers a very small area.

  3. The summit of Mount Giluwe, in Papua New Guinea.

    It is the highest volcanic peak in Australasia at 4367 metres, and claims a position in the Seven Volcanic Peaks. During the Ice Age, it was covered by ice sheets with only the highest peaks sticking out above the ice. The tops are now covered in grasslands marking the extent of glaciation.

  4. I will await confirmation that my answer is sufficient before publishing WoGE #506.

    1. Yes, you found it!
      The issue about the "sufficiency" ... well ... I think it's important but not decisive. A lot more can be said but the essential (your first phrase) is there - the only thing i would add was the time frame - Pleistocene!

      I picked this spot because I saw:
      - a brown-greyish island surrounded by a sea of green and;
      - a few U-shaped valleys (in the oblique view) that reminded me of my first WoGE!

      Andrew, bring us #506 :)

  5. http://woge-locations.blogspot.ca/2015/09/where-on-google-earth-506.html is ready for the search to begin.